Project success through client engagement


What we do

We are a financial structuring and arrangement firm specializing in EPC plus finance transactions across private and public sector projects

Who we work with

We engage with Government entities, private developers, EPC providers, banks, funds and private investors


How we do it

We work with all parties to fully understand the funding and technical delivery requirements of a project in order to develop the right financing structure, matching it with the right source of capital and technical solution

What we work on

Our project scope covers:

  • private real estate developments,
  • public infrastructure works including, housing, transportation, energy, mining, oil and gas
  • other private equity transactions

Where we work

Strategically headquartered in Dubai with a focus on the Middle-East, Asia and Africa


For more information please contact us at:

    P.O. Box 390667, Dubai, U.A.E
   PH +971 4375 58137